Shoepack is an enterprise MRP system for the footwear manufacturing industry. The software originated when Mr. Bob Brown, founder and MD of Crown Footwear, could not find a suitable MRP solution to manage the production processes of his company.

When his extensive research proved fruitless, he realised that the only way to obtain the software that his company needed would be to oversee the necessary development himself. That was in 1990. 

Within 4 years, Mr. Brown had the first version, a software solution that is today known as Shoepack. After years of continuous development and improvements, Shoepack has evolved into a powerful, flexible and secure system.

As a commercial product Shoepack has proven itself to be an affordable solution that comprehensively addresses the demands of a modern footwear manufacturing enterprise. It has a well-established and loyal international client base. Shoepack continues to evolve and adapt to suit the changing demands of modern business, by taking advantage of on-going innovations in technology.